Passive Contact Type Electric Valve Actuator

Passive Contact Type Electric Valve Actuator

DZW series of products are used to control open and close of the valves. The products can be used for brake valve, stop valve, shutoff valve, and diaphragm valve, the derived products can be used for ball valve, butterfly valve and throttle etc.
Because of professionalism, the high-quality 220v Butterfly Valve Electric Actuator, Flow Control Valve Actuator, Control Valve Actuator we offer can always show outstanding advantages, and the application solutions and technical services we provide can continue to meet customer needs. We focus on the overall development goals and hope to build a management and control system and cooperation mechanism that meets our own characteristics. We believe that only equipment with outstanding performances can improve the production efficiency, guarantee the product quality and reduce the cost, which means the extension of the profit space. We popularize quality management knowledge among employees, so that every employee can participate in quality management. In order to enable each employee to have a deep understanding of the concept of company rules and implement them in their daily work, we have formulated a code of conduct as a specific standard.

Main technical performance


Notes: "I" indicates the connection dimensions of power station type product.

The parameters are used for common supplying, if you have special demands, please state during ordering.


Overall Dimensions

Replaceable models in the industry

We are capable of developing different Passive Contact Type Electric Valve Actuator to supply the best quality products and service to the customers. Our high quality products and reasonable price have been widely approved by our customers both in home and abroad. We have a professional sales team, they have mastered the best technology and manufacturing processes, have years of experience in foreign trade sales, with customers able to communicate seamlessly and accurately understand the real needs of customers, providing customers with personalized service and unique products. Since the establishment, our company has been oriented to customer needs, respecting talents, constantly improving our own strength and level.
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