Hydraulic Valve Double Pilot Operated Check Valves Adjustable Banjo Union

Hydraulic Valve Double Pilot Operated Check Valves Adjustable Banjo Union

Electric wafer soft sealing butterfly valve uses the integration structure, it can be operated by the input single (4 ~ 20 mA DC, 0 to 10 v DC or1-5 v) and the single-phase power supply, it has strong function, small volume, light and pleasant, reliable performance, simple, large flow capacity, etc.
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Electric wafer soft sealing butterfly valve


The matching actuator parameters are as follows:

Electric Actuator Outline Dimensions

QH series products mainly include basic type, resistance type (switch type), intelligent adjustment type, and - body type. There are nearly 100 types of models, which can be connected with different types of ball-type and butterfly valves. The output is in the range of 50NM~2000NM.

The actuator can directly receive the 0-10V, 1-5V, 4-20A DC signals input from the outside, and accurately adjust the opening degree of the valve according to the specific value of the input signal. The new mechanical damping device can eliminate the inertia. Suppresses oscillations to ensure positioning up to (1/00 00). The 4-20mA DC feedback signal is output while adjusting the control to accurately and effectively display the actual opening value of the valve. His body has a LTD liquid crystal display, and 8 indicators can specifically indicate each operation, which makes debugging more convenient and accurate.






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