High Quality 24V Heavy Duty Electric Linear Actuator Dtl for Detal Bed

High Quality 24V Heavy Duty Electric Linear Actuator Dtl for Detal Bed

DKZ type linear electric actuator, an execution unit in DDZ type electronic unit combined instrument, accepts signals from a regulating unit (or computer) and automatically controls the actuator to complete regulating tasks.
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Specifications and Models


Main Technical Parameters

1. Input signal: Type II 0-10mA DC; Type III 4-20mA DC

2. Input channel: 3

3. Input channel impedance: Type ll 200Ω; Type II 250Ω

4. Output torque: See table above

5. Full travel time: See table above

6. Limit of basic error:±2.5%

7. Dead zone: ≦3%

8. Damping characteristic: ≦3 half cycles

9. Return difference: ±1 .5%

10. Power supply voltage: 220V (±10%, ±15%) at frequency 50Hz

11. Service environment temperature: Actuator: -10~+55℃ or -25~+70℃; Amplifier: 0~+50℃

12. Relative humidity of service environment: Actuator: ≦95%; Amplifier: 10%-70%

Overall Dimensions

Terminal Wiring Diagram

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