Esg DN8-100 CF8/CF8m Pneumatic Flow/Flluid Control Valve Proportional Angle Seat Valve for Water/Steam/Gas

Esg DN8-100 CF8/CF8m Pneumatic Flow/Flluid Control Valve Proportional Angle Seat Valve for Water/Steam/Gas

Electric ventilating buttery valve is built-up by rotork electronic type quarter-tum actuator and ventilating buttery valve. It use the same material with valve body and to processed into seal ring.
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Valve Basic Parameter

Leakage rate


Medium Flow Rate 25m/s

Applicable medium

Hot-cold wind, smoke

Strength Test 0.1MPa

Medium temperature


The mainly material of parts of electric ventilating type butterfly valve

Valve Shaft

Valve Plate

Valve body

Carbon steel, Stainless steel

Carbon steel

Carbon steel

Operating principle of electric ventilating type butterfly valve

Electric ventilating butterfly valve is built-up by electronic type quarter-tum actuator and ventilating butterfly valve. Because of the mechatronics structure design, it has the functions of inside servo operating, aperture signal position feedback, position indication,and manual manipulation. It has virtue of strong function, reliable performance and accurate control. It use AC220V or AC380V voltage as power to accept the(4-20mA or 1-5VDC)current signal or voltage signal which input by controlling system and then can operating under the controlling. And to accomplish the proportional control or on-off control of process fluid medium.

The matching actuator parameters are as follows:

The valve with small driving torque, on-off flexible and easy to operating

Can effectively avoid the stuck phenomenon which caused by thermal expansion

Short structure size, light weight and easy installation

Weld by steel plate

Setting an oil sealing ring on the valve body, without any visible gap between it, and small leakage rate.

The FRYQ+BW part-turn actuator achieves the 90 degree on-off operation on the large diameter and torque of butterfly valve and ball valve by add a double reduction based on the structure of the IQ multi-turn actuator, and torque range is 1000NM-63000NM.

◆ Sturdy construction,using dual-sealing,and can anti-water and dust(IP67/IP68-2M,48 hours)effectively when filed connection

◆ Three-phase, single-phase and direct current power supply actuator

◆ As the built-in data recording mechanism of the standard function

◆ Compatible with the IrDATM standard .Make the local and remote analysis on the actuator through insight PC software.

◆ Concise,easy to control,and indication functions.

◆ Multi-language text display screen displaying the state and setting.

◆ Simple torque and position control ,enchancing the reliability

◆ Flexibility of comprehensive control and indication.

◆ Optional specification of water proof and explosion proof type.

We are committed to providing our customers and society at large with Esg DN8-100 CF8/CF8m Pneumatic Flow/Flluid Control Valve Proportional Angle Seat Valve for Water/Steam/Gas and services of scale and quality. We recognize the achievements of our employees and provide corresponding rewards, creating a good working environment and development prospects for them. Through years of continuous development, our company's comprehensive strength and business performance has been in the forefront of the industry.
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