What Are The Relevant Parameters Of The Valve Electric Actuator?

What Are The Relevant Parameters Of The Valve Electric Actuator?

Date:Aug 13, 2019

Valve electric Actuator is divided into two categories of straight stroke and angular stroke.
The electric actuator is powered by a power supply, which is mainly used for the control of valve opening and closing, as well as for the flow regulation control of the piping medium.
Basic parameter performance of the electric actuator:
1, control voltage: ac220v50/60hz, dc24v, ac380v, dc220v or specify other.

2, the output torque of the electric actuator: according to the valve on or off when the actual torque required to choose.

3, Electric Actuator Switching time: In general, its control valve switch between the 10-120s, depending on the motor power of the electric actuator.

4. Operating current and power of the electric actuator: Typically, the greater the power of the motor, the greater its output torque.

5, electric performance of the resistance to luxury value: 1500vac/minutes.

6, electric actuator limit and protection level: including electrical limit and mechanical limit, its protection level can reach IP65, special requirements can reach IP68.

7, electric actuator can be with manual operation, easy to power failure can also achieve the valve switch control; The electric actuator can be installed at any angle, free from time and space constraints.

8, electric actuator control methods are various: A, switch type with source lamp indicator B, switch type with passive contact feedback C, switch-type belt resistance output d, switch type with valve position feedback (4-20ma) E, intelligent adjustment type: input and Output 4-20ma

9, Electric Actuator Optional accessories: dehumidification heater, over torque protector.

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