What Are The Precautions For Common Operation Of Electric Valves?

What Are The Precautions For Common Operation Of Electric Valves?

Date:Feb 20, 2019

What are the precautions for electric valves in actual operation? 

1. At startup, confirm that the clutch handle is in the corresponding position.

2. If the electric valve is controlled in the control room, turn the transfer switch to the large REMOTE position, and then control the electric valve switch through the SCADA system.

3. If manual control is made, turn the transfer switch to the LOCAL position and operate the switch of the electric valve on the spot. When the electric valve is opened or closed, it will automatically stop working. Finally, the running change switch will be hit to the middle position.

4. When using the valve in the field, the valve opening and closing instruction and the valve stem operation should be monitored. The valve opening and closing degree should meet the requirements.

5. When using the on-site operation to fully close the valve, before the valve is closed, stop the electric shut-off valve and use the micro-motion to close the valve.

6. For the valve after setting the stroke and over-torque controller, when fully opening or closing the valve for the first time, it should pay attention to monitor the control of the stroke. If the valve switch does not stop at the position, it should be manually stopped immediately.

7. During the process of opening and closing the valve, if it is found that the signal indicator light is wrong and the valve has abnormal noise, it should be stopped and checked in time.


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