What Are The Main Uses Of Flanged Butterfly Valves?

What Are The Main Uses Of Flanged Butterfly Valves?

Date:Sep 05, 2019

The flanged butterfly valve is a very common form of butterfly valve and is very versatile.


1. Flanged butterfly valves are mainly used in industrial production pipelines. Its function is mainly to cut off the circulation of the medium in the pipeline or to adjust the flow rate of the medium in the pipeline. Flange butterfly valves are widely used in general industrial production lines such as water conservancy projects, water treatment, petroleum, chemical, and urban heating. It can also be used on condensers and cooling water systems in thermal power plants.

2. Flanged butterfly valves can be divided into soft seal flange butterfly valves and hard seal flange butterfly valves according to the sealing surface material. The sealing pair of soft-sealed flange type butterfly valve is made of elastic sealing material such as rubber and fluoroplastic; the sealing pair of hard-sealed flange type butterfly valve is made of metal-to-metal, metal-on-fluorine plastic and multi-layer composite board. The sealing ring of the soft seal flange type butterfly valve can be embedded in the valve body passage and can be installed around the disc. When used as a shut-off valve, its sealing performance can reach FCI70-2:2006 (ASME B16·104) VI. The grade is much higher than the hard-sealed flange butterfly valve; however, soft-sealed flange butterfly valves are commonly used in room temperature water and water treatment because soft seal materials are limited by the temperature of use.

3. Metal hard seal flange type butterfly valve has the advantage of material, can adapt to higher working temperature, larger working pressure, longer service life than soft seal, but the shortcoming of hard seal flange type butterfly valve is also very Obviously, it is difficult to achieve complete sealing and poor sealing performance. Therefore, such flanged butterfly valves are generally used for adjusting flow rates in occasions where sealing performance is not high.

In addition, flanged butterfly valves are particularly suitable for the manufacture of large diameter valves, which are widely used in large diameter adjustment applications. When the flanged butterfly valve is fully opened, the flanged butterfly valve can control the flow of the medium very sensitively when the opening angle of the disc is between about 15 and 70 degrees.

In addition, since the butterfly disk of the flange butterfly valve has wiping performance during the rotational movement, the valve can be used in a pipe for suspending the granular medium, or can be used for the powder according to the sealing strength. In the form of granules and granular media.


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