What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing An Electric Actuator?

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing An Electric Actuator?

Date:Jan 02, 2019

In the production process, the use of electric actuators is very extensive, and it plays a very important role for people. However, many friends do not know how to purchase them during the purchase process, which leads to various problems in the process of use. The main reason for improper purchase is because many people do not go to the electric actuator for the purchase of cheap, but choose a point of sale to buy directly, its quality itself has certain problems, buy back to use The after-sales service was not perfect, which eventually caused a series of problems. Therefore, we should consider the following elements when purchasing electric actuators.

When purchasing an electric actuator, we can first purchase it from the driving energy source. The driving energy in the market mainly includes two kinds of power source and fluid source. If the power source is selected, if it is a large-size valve, we should choose three power sources. It is safer during use. If it is a small size valve, we can choose a single-phase power supply. In addition, the types of power supplies are divided into many types. We can purchase them according to their actual conditions when purchasing.

Valves are an important part of electric actuators. We need to understand the type of valve before purchasing, and we can choose the type that is suitable for the actuator mechanism. Depending on the valve, the choice of drive is also different, these are directly related to the normal use of electric actuators. After selecting all the accessories, you can select the type of electric actuator according to the data sheet given by the manufacturer. Sometimes you should pay attention to the speed and frequency of the valve operation.

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