What Are The Common Types Of Electric Valves For Water Pipes?

What Are The Common Types Of Electric Valves For Water Pipes?

Date:Aug 07, 2019

Valves are generally composed of an actuator and valve body.

According to the power used by the implementing mechanism, the valve can be divided into manual, pneumatic, electric, liquid dynamic four according to its function and function: switch valve, regulator valve, solenoid valve, electronic type, intelligent type and so on.

By valve body type division: straight through single-seat, straight through two seats, angle, diaphragm, tee, eccentric rotation, butterfly, sleeve, spherical and other more than 10 kinds;
Gate valve The gate valve is used as a cut-off medium, the entire circulation pass-through at full opening, at which point the pressure loss of the medium operation is minimal. The gate valve is generally suitable for conditions where it does not require frequent opening and closing, and keeps the gate fully open or fully closed. Not intended for use as an adjustment or throttle. For high-speed flow of media, the gate in the local opening conditions can cause the vibration of the gate, and vibration may damage the gate and seat of the sealing surface, and throttle will cause the gate to suffer the media erosion. In terms of structural form, the main difference is the form of the sealing element used. According to the form of sealing elements, the gate valve is often divided into several different types, such as: wedge gate valve, parallel gate valve, parallel double gate gate valve, wedge double gate and so on.  The most common forms are wedge and parallel gate valves.

Here are the characteristics:
Butterfly valve
The butterfly valve is simple in structure, small in size and light in weight, and consists of only a few parts. It also requires a quick start-up and closure of the valve, which has good fluid control characteristics, with easy operation and rotation of only 90 degrees.
Butterfly valve in a fully open position, butterfly plate thickness is the only help when the medium flows through the valve body, through the valve will produce a very small pressure, so it has better flow characteristics. My company now mainly has a metal mid-line butterfly valve, eccentric butterfly valve, plastic butterfly valve, import edit valve, butterfly valve and so on.
Ball valve
Ball valve and valve is the same type of valve, only its closing part is a sphere, the ball around the center of the valve body line to rotate to open, close a valve. Ball valve in the pipeline is mainly used to cut off, distribution and change the flow direction of the medium, ball valve is widely used in recent years a new type of valve.

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