What Are The Common Faults Of Multi-turn Electric Actuators?

What Are The Common Faults Of Multi-turn Electric Actuators?

Date:Sep 10, 2019

In order to improve the processing efficiency and quality of products, and to reduce the dangers of workers during operation, many companies use highly intelligent equipment, and multi-turn electric actuators are important components in many intelligent machinery. Because the multi-turn electric actuator can play the interface between the control system and the mechanical movement, it can be installed in some important places to reduce the damage to the staff. In order to let everyone better master this kind of actuator, let’s look at the common faults of multi-turn electric actuators.

1, the power supply has an alarm

If the power supply is turned on for the multi-turn electric actuator, the power supply will have an alarm phenomenon, and the three-phase power supply will trip when it is released. At this time, the manufacturer who provides the multi-turn electric actuator professionally hopes that the staff will check the three. Whether the phase power supply is normal or not, then look at the voltage standard on the nameplate of the power supply and multi-turn electric actuator, and pay attention to the problem according to the problem.

2, the main control has an alarm

The main control system of the multi-turn electric actuator has an alarm. It may be caused by internal leakage caused by the valve being closed tightly. It may also be caused by the low battery voltage inside the electric head. In this case, check the valve and take the correct one. Handle the method and replace the battery in the motor head and reset the parameters.

3, the power head is abnormal

If the internal motor head is stuck, loose, and slippery, the motor head of the multi-turn electric actuator will be abnormal. At this time, the staff needs to carefully check the bushing of the electric head. These problems require the multi-turn electric actuator to be taken offline and removed for maintenance.

The above-mentioned faults are all common when multi-turn electric actuators are used. In order to solve the problem when the fault occurs, the manufacturer of the multi-turn electric actuators with good quality and excellent service will cause and cause these common faults. The reason is that everyone introduces it and hopes that the staff can master it.

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