Routine Maintenance Of Electric Actuators

Routine Maintenance Of Electric Actuators

Date:Jan 02, 2019

Electric actuators should be properly regulated when used, and operators must be able to operate with certain common sense or professional training. Generally, electric actuators are divided into different types, which are different in use and selection according to industry and demand differences. Some industries are used more frequently, and the workload is relatively large, so that the parts of the machine will be damaged. This is a high quality requirement for the manufacture of electric actuators, and regular maintenance inspections are required during normal use to ensure that each Parts can make the machine run normally. Generally, the electric actuator needs to be maintained during normal times. The operation is as follows:

1. Regular lubrication: The motor and transmission components of the electric actuator need to be lubricated with lubricating oil, because regular lubrication can prolong its service life.

2, improve the operating environment: In order to ensure the reliability of the electric actuator, it must be guaranteed to operate in a suitable operating environment to avoid short-circuit or other faults caused by other environmental factors such as environmental humidity.

3, regular inspection: regular inspections, timely detection of hidden dangers in operation, at least for the search for fault factors, to avoid detours.

4. Manage the faulty account: Every fault that has been processed must be recorded in detail, including fault phenomenon, fault analysis and search process, fault cause, treatment method, and preventive measures.

5. Clean the electric actuators, such as sliding surfaces, lead screws, racks, gear boxes, oil holes, etc., no oil, no oil leakage, no air leakage, mechanical tools around the equipment, debris, debris, dirt, mechanical cleaning clean.

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