QT Series Electric Valve Actuator User Manual

QT Series Electric Valve Actuator User Manual

Date:Oct 25, 2019

1. Product overview

QT Series Electric Actuator is used to control valves with 0° -270° rotation and other similar products, such as butterfly valves, ball valves, air throttles, baffle valves, plug valves and shutter valves. It can be widely applied in petroleum, chemical engineering, water treatment, shipbuilding, paper, power stations, heat supply, building automation, light industry and other industries. Driven by 380V/220V/110V AC power and controlled with 4-20mA current signals or 0-10V DC voltage signals, it can make the valve move to the required position for automatic control. The maximum output torque is up to 2,000Nm (The product has been certified by explosion-proof certification, with guaranteed quality).

2. Performance characteristics

2.1 Housing

The housing is made of hard aluminum alloy, with anodic oxidation treatment and polyester powder coating, contributing to its strong corrosion resistance. It has a protection class being IP67, NEMA4 and 6; and is also optional for IP68 and the explosion-proof type.

2.2 Motor

The fully enclosed squirrel-cage motor has a small size, a large torque and a small inertia force, with an insulation class F and a built-in thermal protection switch to prevent damages to the motor caused by overheating.

2.3  Manual structure

The handwheel design ensures its safety, reliability, labor saving and small size. When it's not energized, pull the clutch handle for manual operation. When it's energized, the clutch will be reset automatically. (Note: when the motor is not energized, the electric actuator will maintain a permanent manual state)

2.4 Indicator

The indicator is mounted on the central shaft and used to observe the valve position. The mirror adopts a convex lens design with no water accumulation, thus easier for observation.

2.5 Dryer

It's used for temperature control to prevent water condensation inside the actuator caused by temperature and weather changes, thus keeping internal electrical elements dry.

2.6 Limit switch

Mechanical + electronic limit. The mechanical limit screw is adjustable, being safe and reliable; while the electronic limit switch is controlled by the a cam mechanism, and the position can be set accurately and easily just by means of adjusting the mechanism simply, without battery support (All micro-switch contacts are silver contacts).

2.7 Torque switch

It can provide overload protection (except QT-005/008/010), which can automatically disconnect the motor's power in case of valve clogging or any foreign matter, thus more effectively protecting the valve and the electric actuator from being damaged (It's provided with factory settings, so please don1 change such settings without authorization).

2.8 Self-locking

The precision double worm gear mechanism can transmit the large torque efficient, featuring high efficiency, low noise (maximum 50 dB), a long life, a self-locking function to prevent reversion, and a transmission part being stable and reliable. It has been filled with high­performance grease before delivery, so the users needn’t to do it again.

2.9 Anti-off bolt

When the housing is removed, the bolts are attached to the housing without falling off. All external bolts are made of stainless steel.

2.10 Installation

The bottom installation size is in line with the international standard 1505211, and the driven shaft sleeve is removable to be processed as required, thus being very adaptable. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

2.11 Circuit

The control circuit is in line with the single-phase or three-phase power supply standards; the circuit layout is compact and reasonable; and the connecting terminals can effectively meet requirements for various additional functions. The valve is opened and closed in place, and all are provided with passive contact outputs (also available for customization as required by customers).

2.12 Intelligent module

It adopts a control panel mixing single-chip and analog circuit with a high degree of integration and very low power consumption, and also all-metal external hanging installation so as to effectively isolate the actuator motor heat source and the control panel, thus greatly improving the anti-interference performance and temperature resistance of the software and hardware.

2.13 Digital display of valve position

In the opening or closing process of the actuator, the LCD screen provides real-time display of valve position changes in large numbers.

2.14 Automatic adjuS1ment of phase sequence

The intelligent actuator can automatically detect the phase sequence of the connected three-phase power supply, so the users needn’t to consider it. 


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