Profidbus DPV1 RS485 Electric Actuator

Profidbus DPV1 RS485 Electric Actuator

Date:May 21, 2020

The electric actuating mechanism is simultaneously provided with the functions of buses PROFIBUS DP V0 and PROFIBUS DP V1, and it supports the function of double-channel redundancy. It can be integrated in the interactive configuration tool SIMATIC PDM or the FDT frame application.Operations such as controlling, parameter viewing, setting, diagnosis and so on can be carried out on the actuator remotely by adopting the bus. It has the following characteristics of:Visualization of parameters: The parameters of the actuator are intuitively displayed in each function menu, which greatly facilitates to browse and view by adopting the PDM tool or the FDT frame application.

Convenient debugging: All the setting data (e.g. shutoff torque, revolving speed etc.) are displayed in the menus. It is simple to set, the set parameters can be downloaded into the actuator just by clicking a shortcut key. In consideration of safety, the setting for the terminal position of the actuator must be carried out on site.

Powerful diagnosis function: The state information of the actuator is clear at a glance, all the fault information can be displayed and recorded, which enables that diagnosis and troubleshooting to become easier.


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