How To Debug Electric Actuators

How To Debug Electric Actuators

Date:Jan 02, 2019

Nowadays, manufacturers or individuals who purchase electric actuators are gradually increasing. How to properly debug such a device has become a thing that most people want to know. Of course, everyone may wish to use different kinds of things. In order to purchase the electric actuator that suits you best, when you actually purchase, many of your friends should also pay attention to debugging them, because only after this can be used effectively after installation and debugging.

How to debug electric actuators, a series of preparations should be done before commissioning. At the same time, we should carefully cooperate with the actual situation of various manufacturers, look at the drawings on the manuals of these equipments, and carefully compare them. A series of instructions on the drawings or instructions to proofread, and draw the correct correct proof of wiring according to the actual situation, if necessary, to ensure that their lines are all correct.

When debugging electric actuators, they need to have a series of understandings on them, a series of understanding of the working principle, then adjust their on-line, turn off all the cutting switches, and then use other Some multimeters are used to adjust the gears, and then check to see if the last switches are closed, so that the final limit can be adjusted.

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