Features Of Fine Small Electric Actuators

Features Of Fine Small Electric Actuators

Date:Aug 20, 2019

FRY series electric actuator are used to control 0-90° rotation  valve and other similar products such as butterfly valve, ball  valve, throttle plug valve, louver valve, etc . It uses AC24V, 110V, 220V , 380V , and DC 24V voltage to be the driving  source, 4-20mA current signal or 0-10V voltage signal to the  controlling signal driving the valve to the required position, so  that realized the automation control. They can be widely used in petroleum, chemical,electric power, metallurgy, papermaking,  water treatment, shipbuilding , food processing and building automation. At the same time, it has the advantages of small size, light  weight , beautiful appearance , unique structure , compact structure, quick opening and closing, easy installation , small operating torque, convenient operation, no need for maintenance and safe and convenient use of digital display valve position.  

1, the function is strong: intelligent, proportional, switching, all kinds of signal input and output;

2, reliable performance: bearings and electrical components using imported products;

3, light and pleasant: weight is only equivalent to about 30% of similar products;

4, supporting simple: the use of single-phase power supply, three-phase power AC380V or DC power supply, external line is simple;

5, beautiful and generous: aluminum alloy die-cast shell, fine and smooth, and can reduce electromagnetic interference;

6, precision wear: the integrated design of the worm wheel output shaft avoids the gap of key joint, high transmission accuracy, the use of special copper alloy forging, high strength, good wear resistance;

7, safety assurance: through AC1500V pressure-resistant detection, F-class insulation motor, safety and security;

8, a variety of speeds: full travel time of 9 seconds, 13 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 50 seconds, 100 seconds, to meet the requirements of different operating conditions;

9, open observation port, the use of spherical protruding structure, so that observation is more convenient, water resistance is better;

10, easy to use: no refueling, spot-free inspection, waterproof rust-proof, any angle installation;

11, protection device: double limit, overheat protection, overload protection;

12, small size: the volume is only equivalent to about 35% of similar products;

13, special wire: the use of heat-resistant flame retardant wire, heat not aging, safe and reliable;

14, anti-corrosion anti-rust: the whole machine bracket, coupling, screws are used stainless steel;

15, intelligent numerical control: intelligent control module is highly integrated in the electric valve actuator body, the use of advanced computer monocontroller and intelligent control software directly receive the computer or industrial instruments and other output of the standard control signal, with digital setting, digital fixation, height, self-diagnosis, a multi-functional machine.


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