Descriptiong For Working Duty

Descriptiong For Working Duty

Date:Jun 10, 2020

*The Electric Actuators Accuracy, Lifetime and Feature under the Process of Adjusting.


Adjusting Ordinary Type

Adjusting Strengthen Type

Recommending the maximal operation frequency to guarantee the lifetime of electric actuator.

30/50 Times/Day

360 Times/Day

2-3 Every Seconds

Load of Electric Machine




Startup Frequency

300 Time/Hour

600 Time/Hour

1200 Time/Hour

Special Technique

Electric Machine Thermal-shutdown Protection

Electric Machine Thermal-shutdown Protection The electric actuator with high-mechanical efficiency applicable for adjusting electrical machine.

Electric Machine Feature

Squirrel-cage(include single, double squirrel-cage structure)

Insulation Grade F

Water-proof case

Install thermal productive device

Servo Control

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