Common Questions And Answers

Common Questions And Answers

Date:Jul 26, 2019

  How is an AC two-position electric actuator wired?

The terminal strip connects the wires with several pins. Pin 1 is almost always the neutral line. Pins 2 and 3 are the hot line for the closed and open positions. A relay, such as a control switch, splits the hot line.

  Does the actuator ship in the closed or open position?

While our standard is to ship in the closed position, we are able to ship in the open position upon request. Additionally, our two-position calibration standard is 0-90° but we can set up travel all the way to 270°.

  What if the valve is not closed or opened completely?

Loosening the set screw and rotating the cams to the right or left into the wanted position allows you to adjust the cams. The objective is to make the actuator rotate slightly further to completely open or close the valve. Installers and maintenance technicians repeat this operation in both the closed and open positions until they’re satisfied.

  Do you need to apply steady power to an electric actuator?

Either pins 1 and 2 or pins 1 and 3 will always have power. Limit switches cut power to the motor when the actuator has achieved the necessary position, be that closed or open.

  Do you really need a start capacitor and a brake on an electric actuator?

On an AC voltage electric actuator, you will always need a motor start capacitor to give the motor enough power to start. In the closed position, the energized brake holds the motor in place. Without a mounted brake, especially on butterfly valves and damper, there’s a risk that the force of the media within the pipes will push the valve, slightly opening it. The actuator detects the open valve and ensures it rotates back to the completely closed position. This action repeats over and over as the media continuously pushes the valve open. Eventually, this oscillation will damage the motor and actuator

  Quality Electric Actuators from Indelac Controls

Electric actuators convert electricity into kinetic energy either in a rotary motion or a single linear direction. They automate manual valve functions to improve efficiency and are a critical part of many applications across several industries.

Here at Indelac Controls, we’re dedicated to providing excellent, timely service for our customers. We use state-of-the-art machinery during every step of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest-quality products.

We offer quarter-turn and spring-turn electric actuators as well as internal battery backup actuators. For more information on electric actuators, download our new eBook about electric actuators.

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