Application Of Electric Actuators

Application Of Electric Actuators

Date:Aug 12, 2019

In the self-control system, in order to make the output of the actuator meet the requirements of certain precision, negative feedback closed-loop control system is often used in control theory.

The position output of the actuator is compared with the output signal of the electric regulator, and the difference is amplified to drive and control the action of the actuator, so that the actuator moves in the direction of eliminating the difference, and finally reaches the position output of the actuator and the electric regulator output signal into a linear relationship. In the application of pneumatic actuator suke, when the use of electric/gas converter and pneumatic actuator matching, because it is an open-loop control system, can only be used in the case of low control accuracy. When the need for high accuracy, the general use of electric/gas valve locator and pneumatic actuator matching, the output displacement of the actuator through the cam lever feedback to the valve locator, the use of negative feedback work principle, greatly improve the position accuracy of the pneumatic regulator valve.Therefore, most of the pneumatic control valves currently used in the self-control system are used in conjunction with valve locators.

Smart electric actuators convert servo amplifiers and operators into digital circuits, while smart actuators integrate all links, and signals are sent from the transmitter or operating station via the fieldbus to replace the regulator.


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