Main features of electric actuator control panel

Date:Jan 20, 2019

1. Miniaturization of components: The actuator control panel uses micro-chip electronic components imported from Motorola, Maxim, etc. of the United States. These components were originally developed for aerospace and military equipment. They are small in size, light in weight, powerful in function, and highly reliable. We chose micro-chip electronic components to enhance the function of the positioner and improve it. Precision and reliability.

2, no need to block the module: the input signal and output signal of the actuator control board have a common reference to the grounding point, when the system is connected, there is no need to block the module.

3, can be applied to the DCS system: the actuator control board has the "ready" and "inductive alarm" control signals required by the DCS system; the "digital pulse" signal can be superimposed on the DC circuit system in the current loop of 4 ~ 20mA .

4. Break signal maintenance: The actuator control board adds the signal maintenance function. If the signal line of the early stage external input is broken, the positioner makes the electric actuator “full open”, “full off”, “stop in place” and “ Stop the position", continue to work after the fault is removed.

5. Electrical limit: The actuator control board adds the electric limit function. It is assumed that the automatic control signal (one external signal or manual signal) is out of range (less than 4 mA or greater than 20 mA). The positioner constrains the electric actuator output angle to not exceed the range. To prevent damage to the valve, together with upper and lower limit indication.

6. Anti-power supply sudden change disturbance: The actuator control board adds the function of anti-power sudden change signal disturbance, which constrains the strong current caused by the large rational electric appliance on the power supply line to start or stop. Misunderstanding.

7. Customary positive effect and counter effect: GAMX-2K electric actuator is set to positive effect at the factory, that is, 4mA corresponding valve is fully closed, 20mA corresponding valve is fully open, assuming the user requires counter effect, no need to use electric soldering iron to solder potentiometer Wire and head wiring, as long as the positioner board is simple to set.

8, custom single-phase and three-phase operation: actuator control panel can be used to single-phase and three-phase operation, can control single-phase motor through solid state relay, can also control three-phase motor through relay and contactor.

9. Super-torque maintenance: The actuator control panel has super-torque maintenance function, which can prevent the damage caused by the overload of the actuator. When the super-torque maintenance, the motor stops rolling and insists on the output orientation. Only when the actuator is reversing can it be unlocked. , exit the super torque maintenance condition.

10. Electric brake function: The electric actuator control panel has electric brake function. When the servo is in position, the motor is powered off. However, because the mechanical inertia causes the actuator to continuously roll, it constitutes idle travel. The electric brake function can eliminate the idle phenomenon and improve the handling precision.

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