Leakage of valve packing and solution

Date:Sep 04, 2019

Causes of leakage at valve packing

1. Wrong choice of packing, corrosion resistant to medium, high pressure or vacuum, high temperature or low temperature of valve;

2. The packing is not properly installed, and there are defects such as small size instead of large size, screw coil joint is not good, upper and lower loose

3. The filler is aging and loses its elasticity after its usage

4. Low precision of valve stem, with defects such as bending, corrosion and wear

5. Insufficient packing ring number, and the gland is not pressed;

6. The gland, bolts and other parts are damaged, making the gland unable to be pressed;

7. Improper operation, excessive force, etc.;

8. The pressure cover is skewed, and the gap between the pressure cover and the stem is too small or too large, resulting in the stem wear and packing damage.

Methods of prevention and exclusion:

1. The filler material and type shall be selected according to the working condition;

2, according to the relevant provisions of the correct installation packing, packing should be by circle put pressure, joint should be 45 to 30 or;

3. The overlong, aging and damaged filler should be replaced in time;

4. The valve stem should be straightened and repaired after bending and wearing, and the seriously damaged valve stem should be replaced in time;

5. The packing shall be installed according to the required number of turns, and the gland shall be symmetrically and uniformly tightened, and the pressing sleeve shall have a pre-tightening clearance above 5mm;

6. The damaged gland, bolts and other parts shall be repaired or replaced in time;

7. Operating procedures shall be followed, and normal operation with constant speed with the exception of percussive hand wheel;

8. Tighten the gland bolts evenly and symmetrically. If the gap between the gland and the valve stem is too small, the gap should be increased appropriately.The gap between gland and stem is too large and should be replaced.

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