How to choose the electric valve reasonably?

Date:Sep 10, 2019

With the development of electric valves, there are many well-known valve enterprises at home and abroad to produce electric valves, the electric butterfly valve is an important implementation unit in the field of industrial automation control. It belongs to a variety of electric valves and electric regulator valves. Widely used in textile, power station, petrochemical, heating and refrigeration, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, light industry, environmental protection, and other fields. The product can be used as a pipe system cut-off valve, control valve, and check valve. The complete manual control device, electric or pneumatic transmission device, can meet the specific conditions of different working conditions. Meet the most stringent quality requirements and can be used very consistently. Especially in metallurgical steel, the shipbuilding industry has very high visibility.

Here’s a share of how to choose an electric valve.

The butterfly plate of the butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipe. In the cylindrical channel of the butterfly valve body, the disc butterfly plate rotates around the axis, the rotation angle is between the 0°-90°, and when it rotates to the zero, the valve is fully open.

The butterfly valve structure is simple, small size, lightweight, only composed of a few parts.

And just rotate the up to the fast opening and closing, simple operation, at the same time the valve has good fluid control characteristics. A butterfly valve in the fully open position, the butterfly plate thickness is the media flow through the valve body resistance, so through the valve generated by the pressure drop is very small, so it has good flow control characteristics.

Butterfly Valve has two sealing types, such as elastic seal and metal seal. Elastic sealing valve, sealing ring can be inlaid on the valve body or attached to the surrounding butterfly plate. Valves with metal seals generally have a longer life than elastic sealed valves but are difficult to fully seal.

Metal seals can adapt to higher operating temperatures, while elastic seals have defects that are limited by temperature. If a butterfly valve is required to be used as flow control, the main thing is to select the size and type of valve correctly.

The structure principle of the butterfly valve is especially suitable for making a large diameter valve.

The butterfly valve is not only widely used in petroleum, gas, chemical industry, water treatment, and other general industries, but also used in cooling water system of the thermal power station. The commonly used butterfly valve has two kinds of a clamping butterfly valve and flange butterfly valve.

The clamp butterfly valve is used with double-headed bolts to connect the valve between the two pipe flanges, the flange butterfly valve is the valve with flange, bolts will be the valve on the two ends of the flange connected to the pipe flange.

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