How to choose electric control valve

Date:Jan 02, 2019

1. Electric control valve selection problem:

At present, the commonly used regulating valves in engineering mainly include electromagnetic regulating valves and electric regulating valves. However, there are defects in use. For example, the solenoid valve is easily blocked by foreign matter, and the water resistance is large, which requires long-term maintenance. Although the electric valve has no water resistance, the circuit needs to be controlled, so the corrosion of the water vapor may affect the service life.

2. How to best overcome the impact of scale on the regulating valve:

Whether it is a solenoid valve or an electric control valve, scale will not only cause leakage of the regulating valve, but also affect the normal operation of the regulating valve in a serious time. Therefore, how to eliminate the influence of scale is a common concern of the industry.

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