How to choose electric actuator

Date:Jan 02, 2019

For the mechanism of an electric actuator, the most broad definition is to use the linear or rotary drive to drive the energy and, under the control of the signal, to be used intuitively. This actuator can be used for liquid gases. Even electric power or other energy sources make certain plans, so that the driving function of the device can be guaranteed without any trouble.

The basic principle is that driving through the rotary function or multi-turn mode is believed to be more convenient in the current use of electric actuators and special mechanisms, and the operation of the actuators will become more convenient. Now basic electric The first execution of the actuator is to drive through the valve to make the full open or full closed mode more convenient during the execution of the control valve.

It is necessary to precisely control the position of the valve to avoid the lack of control or the need to automate the control technology. In manual operations, the gradual replacement of mechanical or automated equipment by this type of electric controller will also become a breakthrough.

The advantage of the electric actuator is that it is highly stable. Now many users have a good effect in terms of high stability and propulsion. It is possible to achieve such a large propulsive force and must be able to use the electric type.

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