How is the electric actuator installed and commissioned?

Date:Aug 15, 2019

People in industrial production have an understanding of electric actuators. It is the terminal equipment for measurement and control in the production of enterprises. After the frequency screen input signal is displayed, the control signal is automatically converted into a parameter displacement guiding mechanism, and the motion is performed according to a certain displacement after the analysis. Electric actuators are divided into two categories according to different control methods: proportional and integral. The basic principle of the product is the same, but it has also been improved for some special industries. Electric actuators can adjust various valves and doors, adjust the pressure and temperature of the system, and play an irreplaceable role in the power system, industrial production, sewage treatment and other industries.
After we purchase electric actuators from the market, we should install and debug according to product specifications. In general, the mechanism of the electric actuator has been adjusted before leaving the factory. In principle, no change is allowed. When installing, pay attention to: the base front valve, valve and actuator must be adjusted to fully open or closed state. Remember to synchronize the output actuator arm shaft and valve position of the electric actuator to the mountain, the actuator is fixed to the mounting bracket, the screw Shake the handle by hand to see if the contact actuator and valve are strong and the operation is normal. Once installed, debug it. Connect the power cord to power the unit, manually open half of the valve and press the self-test button. The operation of the self-test program requires a certain reaction time. If the valve is fully open, it can cause a strong fluid collision with the instrument, damaging the internal valve plate and rendering the device inoperable.


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