Gasket Type

Date:Sep 16, 2019

The gaskets can be divided into non-metal gaskets, metal gaskets and metal-non-metal composite gaskets according to their material and structure characteristics, and various types can be subdivided into several kinds.[1]

Non-metallic gasket

The rubber gasket

Non-asbestos fiber rubber gasket

Flexible graphite metal composite gasket

Teflon gasket

Teflon coated gasket

Other types of non-metallic material gaskets

Metal - non-metal composite gasket

Corrugated gasket

Metal wound gasket

Metal tooth type compound gasket

Metal gasket

Metal wave tooth compound gasket

Other types of metal compound gaskets

Metal gasket

Metal gasket

Metal corrugated gasket

Metal tooth gasket

Metal ring gasket

Metal lens gasket

Metal o-ring pad

Among them, the metal ring gasket can be divided into

Octagonal ring pad

Oval ring pad

RX and BX type self - sealing ring gaskets

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