Electric damper

Date:Aug 01, 2019

The damper is a commonly used device in the air supply system, and the electric damper is composed of an electric actuator and a damper. The adjustable electric damper adjusts the opening degree of the damper and controls the amount of air volume. The two-position electric damper acts as a switch and opening.

Electric dampers are divided into electric round dampers and electric square dampers

The circular louver damper is used with the electric actuator, and has the advantages of small opening and closing torque, sensitive action, reliable performance, large diameter and light weight. Widely used in metallurgy, building materials, electric power, petrochemical, light industry and other industrial sectors of wind turbines, air conditioners, electric dust collection and various large pipelines, electric or manual adjustment and cutting of dust and gas.

Rectangular multi-blade ventilated butterfly valve consisting of multiple blades. The use of a quarter-turn electric actuator to drive the blades through the linkage mechanism achieves the purpose of regulating the flow of the medium.

Rectangular multi-blade ventilation butterfly valve is widely used in power station, metallurgy, mine ventilation and dust removal and environmental protection, heating and ventilation gas pipeline to adjust and control media flow. The light butterfly valve has the form of a circular butterfly valve, a rectangular single plate, and a rectangular multi-plate butterfly valve. Other light ventilation butterfly valves can be made according to user requirements.

loure damper valve

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