Electric actuator cleaning

Date:Jan 20, 2019

The surface of the electric actuator, the trapezoidal thread on the stem and stem nut, the stem nut and the sliding part of the bracket, and the gears, worm gears, etc., are prone to a lot of dust. Oil and dirt and media residues can cause wear and corrosion to electric actuators. It is therefore important to keep the exterior and moving parts of the electric actuator clean and to protect the integrity of the electric actuator paint. The dust on the electric actuator is suitable for brush sweeping and compressed air purging; the trapezoidal thread and the tooth between the teeth are suitable for rag scrubbing; the oil and media residue on the electric actuator is suitable for steam purging, even with a copper wire brush Brush until the working surface and mating surface show a metallic luster, and the painted surface shows the true color of the paint. The trap should be specially staffed. Check each shift at least once. Regularly open the flush valve and the plug at the bottom of the valve to flush it, or periodically disassemble it to prevent the electric actuator from being blocked.

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