Development course of an electric ventilation butterfly valve

Date:Aug 21, 2019

The electric ventilation butterfly valve has the effect of avoiding high-temperature expansion, the operation of light advantage can also control the flow of the media can also control the transmission and closure of the medium and so on. Products have been improved many times and are now widely used.
At present, many manufacturers produce this product, in order to use more safe and assured, must read the relevant instructions before use.
Products are not only suitable for one industry but are used by many industries.
Electric ventilation butterfly Valve features an introduction electric ventilation butterfly valve using the same material as the valve body processing into a sealing ring, the use of electric or pneumatic transmission. Its applicable temperature depends on the material selection of the valve body, nominal pressure ≤0.6MPa, generally applicable to industrial, metallurgy, environmental protection and other pipelines for ventilation to regulate the flow of media.
Its main features are:
1, novel design, reasonable, unique structure, lightweight, rapid opening, and closing.
2, operating torque is small, easy to operate, labor-saving dexterity.
3, the use of suitable materials to meet the low, medium and high temperature of different media and corrosive media.
4, the use of midline disc plate and short structure steel plate welding new structural form design and manufacture, compact structure, lightweight, easy to install, small flow resistance, large circulation, to avoid the impact of high-temperature expansion, easy to operate.
5, electric ventilation butterfly valve without connecting rod, bolts, etc., reliable operation, long service life. It can be installed multi-station, not affected by the flow of media.

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