Anti-jamming technology of electric actuators and its characteristics

Date:Jan 10, 2019

Since the electric actuator requires “three elements” to form noise interference to the measuring device and the detection system, the method for eliminating and reducing noise interference should also take measures for eliminating or suppressing the noise source; the target blocks the interference transmission path; The sensitivity of the receiving circuit to noise interference. The above three metrics are hardware metrics. With the application of microcomputers in industrial production, the universal application of intelligent sensors and instruments, more anti-interference measures and methods are applied in software, such as digital filtering and digital processing, and the safety level of instrument control systems has been greatly improved. improve. These measures are typically accomplished through isolation, shielding, suppression, grounding protection, and software technology.

Software anti-interference technology: hardware anti-interference measures in the complex environment of the industry are weak, such as industrial computer crashes or control errors. This will have dire consequences for production, so it is especially important to use software anti-jamming measures to avoid and mitigate these accidents. Common anti-jamming technologies include self-monitoring methods for real-time control software, mutual monitoring methods for real-time control systems, and important data backup methods.

Electric actuator features:

1. Powerful: intelligent adjustment, proportional, switch, and various signal output types;

2. Small size and light weight: the volumetric weight is only about 35% of the traditional products;

3. Beautiful and elegant: aluminum alloy die-casting shell is beautiful and smooth, reducing electromagnetic interference;

4. Reliable performance: key components such as bearings and electrical appliances are imported famous brand products;

5. High standard protection: IP68 high standard protection level test;

6. Precision wear: The output shaft of the worm gear is forged with special copper alloy, which has high strength and good wear resistance;

7. Minimum return difference: integrated structure, avoiding the jump gap of the key connection, high transmission accuracy;

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