Electric Linear Actuator 24v

DKZ type linear electric actuator, an execution unit in DDZ type electronic unit combined instrument, accepts signals from a regulating unit (or computer) and automatically controls the actuator to complete regulating tasks.

Specifications and Models


Main Technical Parameters

1. Input signal: Type II 0-10mA DC; Type III 4-20mA DC

2. Input channel: 3

3. Input channel impedance: Type ll 200Ω; Type II 250Ω

4. Output torque: See table above

5. Full travel time: See table above

6. Limit of basic error:±2.5%

7. Dead zone: ≦3%

8. Damping characteristic: ≦3 half cycles

9. Return difference: ±1 .5%

10. Power supply voltage: 220V (±10%, ±15%) at frequency 50Hz

11. Service environment temperature: Actuator: -10~+55℃ or -25~+70℃; Amplifier: 0~+50℃

12. Relative humidity of service environment: Actuator: ≦95%; Amplifier: 10%-70%

Overall Dimensions

Terminal Wiring Diagram

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